National Defence Academy is a joint service academy of Indian armed forces which trains cadets for army, navy and air force.  The NDA exam gives a candidate an opportunity to serve the country. It is a much sought after training among candidates who have a strong desire to fight for the nation. The exam is conducted by UPSC twice in a year which gives a candidate two NDA exam dates to compete in. Any unmarried male of Indian origin is eligible to give the test. They must have cleared their class 12th.


The NDA syllabus consists of two papers- Mathematics and General Ability. Since both the topics are vast and require meticulous preparation, a candidate has to be very disciplined while approaching the exam. While there are various NDA coaching centers catering to the preparation needs of students, there is never enough guidance that a student can get..


It has always strived for betterment of opportunities when it comes to competitive exams. With the new NDA module, it goes a step further to bring quality education at the student’s doorstep. The unique features of this module are:

  1.  Online and offline study options: A student can study online with the help of an internet connection. Alternately, the course is available in pen-drive or tablet form which does not need any internet connectivity, can be carried anywhere and studied anytime.
  2.  24*7 teacher connect: This feature allows the student to have access to a teacher at all times. The student can get in touch with our experts anytime of the day and get their queries answered.
  3.  Mock tests with answer keys: Each topic has lots of practice questions and mock tests with answer keys. The student can assess themselves and how much progress they are making.
  4.  Concept clarity: Each concept is dealt with in depth and taught in an easy to understand manner. The additional animated examples and videos clarify each topic, unlike self study or coaching centers.
  5. The ease of studying anytime, anywhere: Unlike a coaching center, this classroom is always at an arms length. This gives the flexibility to a student to study according to their comfort.

Designed By Nitin Agarwal